Joining SEAL


Membership in the SEAL Group is limited to major distributors and manufacturers in the sealant and waterproofing industry. Interested companies should first contact the SEAL Executive Director to express interest. A Membership Application will be forwarded to the company contact. Once returned to SEAL, the application is sent to the Membership Chairman (a distributor who sits on the Board as Immediate Past President) who reviews the applications, conducts a reference check and presents the new applicant to the Board for a vote.

Sealant Engineering and Associated Lines (SEAL) is a non-profit membership association consisting of leading distributors, manufacturers, engineers, consultants and specifiers who work in the sealant and waterproofing industry. It provides an educational forum for members to share knowledge in the application, design, distribution and manufacture of sealant and waterproofing products. By becoming a member or participating in SEAL programs you get an opportunity, unlike any other, to exchange ideas, learn about new trends, and network with your peers. Plus, you will be included in a network of professionals like yourself who understand your daily problems.

Member Benefits

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Improved Marketing Practices
  • Industry Insight
  • Educational Opportunities



Possibly the most important benefit of membership in SEAL is networking. Being able to sit down and discuss the challenges your business faces in an ever-changing industry with other professionals is probably the most valuable asset we offer to our members. Our membership is comprised of senior level company representatives, owners and managers of major distributor and manufacturing firms. Plus, our educational programs can help you gain new insights and new business ideas to help you manage your business better.


SEAL holds two meetings annually. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. The Spring Meeting is a 3 day event and the Fall Meeting is 5 days. Our programs address real problems you face on a daily basis and provide you with current industry information regarding products and application. In addition, time is set aside for distributors to meet individually or in small groups with those manufacturer companies to discuss any distribution, application or supply challenges.

Membership Requirements

(Dues are $3,000 per year)
A Distributor Member shall be a corporation, partnership or individual doing business as an authorized stocking distributor actively engaged in the sealant, waterproofing and restoration industry (i.e., the Person (a) buys and carries as inventory large quantities of sealant, waterproofing and restoration products for resale, (b) provides sales and field technical service, (c) provides specification influence and promotion services, and (d) provides regional product availability and services) and neither the Company nor an Affiliate is engaged as a manufacturer or applicator of sealant, waterproofing, restoration materials. A Person shall not be disqualified to be a Distributor Member merely because an Affiliate of such Person is a Distributor Member.

(Dues are $6,000 per year)
A Manufacturer Member shall be a corporation, partnership or individual doing business as a manufacturer who (a) manufactures (i.e., formulates and mixes raw materials) coatings, sealant, waterproofing or other closely allied construction products, (b) sells
those products through a distributor network, (c) provides a system of technical service and field support, and (d) is not primarily engaged in selling converted or re-packaged products (rather than manufactured products). A Company shall not be disqualified to be a Manufacturer Member merely because an Affiliate is a Manufacturer Member.

Associate Member
(Dues are $3,000 per year)
An Associate Member shall be a corporation, partnership or individual doing business as an architect, engineer, consultant, specifier, trade publication or other industry professional or organization directly involved with the sealant, waterproofing and restoration industry and its related services. An Associate Member may also be a manufacturer that does not the meet the requirements of Section A (2) as stated in the By Laws.

Honorary Member
May be bestowed upon any non-member or retired member for outstanding achievement in the service of the Association and its goals. Honorary Members shall not pay dues and shall not have the right to vote.

Interested In Becoming A SEAL Member?

Contact our SEAL Executive Director, Leticia Harnung
Email: [email protected], and request a membership application.